iDentify Things
Free game - iOS
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“iDentify Things” is a high educational game for all ages. It has a nice interface, live sound, easy to play, so it is interesting and attractive.

This learning game helps your kid to expand their vocabulary, recognize, distinguish and identify the new things in life. This app supports both English and Vietnamese and the bilingual as well as the pronounced function.

Main features:
- With 200 things  arranged in 20 categories: animals, birds, insects, flowers, fruits, trees, natural, body, furniture ...
- Support two languages: English - Vietnamese
- Two modes: Game and Learning
      + Game: select the correct one in 3 options.
      + Learning: introduce the things with its name and pronoun.
- Pronoun the name of things in English and Vietnamese.
- Review the result after each game.

Size: 34.2 Mb.